Instructions for Equalisation

To Individuals who are applying equalisation of their foreign certificates in Kurdistan Region. All applicants need to study the instructions provided on this page and make sure their application is completed before submission. Due to the workload involved in many uncompleted applications we have introduced new regulations as well as a solid timetable. Please follow the instructions as follow:


  1. The applicant must fill out the form before having their certificates equalized.

  2. If the applicant is an employee, he/she must provide an official letter from his/her work place stating that they request an equalization of their certificate.

  3. Kindly attach a copy of:

    • All certifications in the form

    • Civil Status ID card (Nufus),

    • Iraqi Citizenship certificate (Jinsiyah),

    • A valid passport

    • Residency card,  (If not Iraqi, you will need to have at least 6 months of approved residency in the Kurdistan Region)

    • A written letter explaining your request

  1. Kindly prepare all the original documents and certificates so that you are able to bring them with you when required to the equalization office;  

    • All certifications requested in the application form.

    • Official letter from the place where he/she would like to work after equalizing the certification.

    • Research dissertation for your Master's, Ph.D., and/or Board.

    • All documents submitted for the equalization process should be in English. Rare cases should be liaised with the equalization office prior to any submission.

    • All applicants need to provide a letter of approval for their qualifications from the office of admissions of their university. The letter of approval should NOT be older than 3 months.

    • Where it applies, the applicants need to provide an ID certificate from the National Registration office (in Sweden: Personbevis), which shows their National ID number and any possible changes to their name.

    • Where it applies, if the applicant has equalized an Iraqi qualification in their host country, he/she needs to provide the equalization certificate from that country's equalization office. This can be from any Iraqi qualification such as Higher Diploma, BSc, MA, or MSc.

Please note:

  • Submitting any applications without considering these rules will be fined 200,000 Iraqi Dinars and the application will not be processed.

  • If any falsification/perjuries are detected, the applicant will be fined $5,000 (USD) and be prosecuted.

  • We will hand all original documents back to the applicant after the decision of equalization has been made.

  • Please check if the university you are applying to is included on the UNESCO list or not, click here.


The time table of our work will be as followed,

  • Sundays: Masters, PhDs and Boards’ qualifications

  • Tuesdays: Bachelor, Diploma and High Diploma qualifications  

  • Thursdays: scheduled for all pre-booked/notified individual interviews

In July and Aug no new applications will be proceeded due to holiday season for independent committee members.